Various types of roofs

Is your roof prone to constant wear and tear? Thinking on the lines of having it replaced. Then Portland roof replacement companies would get the job done to perfection. A roof is an important component of your home. It is the first line of defence against the harsh weather conditions, and can have an impact on the appearance, quality along with value of your home.

When you are planning to select materials for Portland roof repair a lot of things need to be considered. The major advantage is that there are a lot of roofing materials that you could choose from. The choice is unlimited as it could range from traditional wood, asphalt and rubber. Let us now get down to the specifics of important materials in terms of Portland roof replacement


A shingle of Asphalt is one of the popular roofing materials in American homes. If you are on the lookout for a wide variety of roofing styles, then this material suits you the best. In terms of cost it ranges in the bracket of $ 2 to $ 4 for single square feet. Based on the type of home square feet cost is determined.

There are lot of positives associated with asphalt roofing when you are planning to use it for your own home. It is more affordable than the other roofing types and can be easily maintained or repaired at the same time. On any type of roofing style it works well and is available in various shapes, colours along with dimensions. In fact this type of roof has the ability to resist itself from the strong rays of the sun or any harsh weather conditions.

Rubber roofing

This is the second most popular material as far as Portland roof repairĀ is concerned. If you are looking for a material that is eco-friendly or leak proof then this is the perfect choice. When you compare it to the other roofing materials it is cost effective, durable and incorporated from recycled materials. It is flexible, light in weight and minimum amount of maintenance is needed as well.

A couple of types of rubber roofing are there. The first one is whole roof which is being installed by square and it can cover around 100 square metres. It could be customized as per the needs of your particular house. Though it is considered to be expensive, it is seamless and leak proof at the same time. Then comes to the shingled roof type being incorporated from synthetic materials.

Tile roofing

This is the most popular type of roofing among all the roof types. In comparison to other roof types it is durable and fire resistant at the same time. It has improved air ventilation and is available in a host of colours along with designs.

Wood roofing

Of all the Portland roof repair wood would be the perfect choice if a major renovation of your home is undertaken. A natural look to your home is provided.

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