Kitchen hood cleaning made easy

Are you a restaurant owner or a commercial caterer?

Is the used oil and grease getting in the way, are you losing business by shutting down operations and having to wait for the aerosol and other chemicals to clear away before you start work again, well we here at Phoenix Kitchen Hood Cleaning are here to save the day. Our Patent pending technology uses all organic products to clean away the oil. Our regents are food grade, you won’t have to shut down operations after having us over, and in fact, once we go over a Kitchen cleaning hood, you can resume activities right away. Reduce your actions cost drastically, and since we use biological reagents, there is no harming the ozone layer.

Our work does not stop there we have also made handy sensors that are not bigger than a dime which comfortably fit in your Kitchen hood cleaner, the benefits of it are that instead of a person having to go through all the hassle of opening a kitchen hood cleaner, you can only put it there and when it’s time to clean it the sensor would just change its colour, and you can then call the Grease Buster, who don’t just advertise on google as a Kitchen Hood Cleaner near me, but will be at your doorstep within an hour.

Now in this progressive world we have kept up with the times we have vent hood cleaning certification Texas, vent hood cleaning certification Massachusetts, NFPA 96 certification, and IKEA certification. Meaning you and your customers are in safe hands as the IKECA Certification is given to those businesses only who are clean and green. That is, they use products don’t harm our planet. This is our way of showing appreciation to our world.

Services Provided

We here at Phoenix Kitchen Hood Cleaning, provide a range of services from residential homes to Fast Food Restaurants and Commercial cookhouses. So, we are not limited to Kitchen Hood cleaning. We offer commercial kitchen hood cleaning, commercial kitchen hood cleaning services, kitchen exhaust cleaning certification, and business hood cleaning. Aside from that, we were rated the best by think digit customer forum in post-sales assistance. Our app lets you chat with our representative anytime, and our new auto service feature would allow for a hassle-free service of the equipment automatically with minimal input from the user’s side.


Why Phoenix Kitchen Hood Cleaning.

There are many Kitchen hood cleaners; in the market, a simple Google search of Kitchen Hood Cleaners near me would give you thousands of results. Sure, there are a few cheaper Kitchen Hood Cleaners out there, but there is nothing like Phoenix Kitchen Hood Cleaning and our range of Kitchen Hood Cleaners.

If you ever want to get your kitchen hood cleaned nicely and neatly do contact Phoenix Hood Cleaning as we provide them best in class service to our customers who won’t get disappointed at all.

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