Interesting Facts to Know About Radon Gas

Many of you surely listened about radon gas. But there are few of the important and fascinating facts, which you don’t know about this gas. So, to raise up your knowledge about radon gas, here we will be highlighting down with some of the important and main facts about this gas. Let’s check this out!

  1. Not All Homes Have Radon:

Many of you just learn the fact, almost all the homes have radon in them. But that’s not a fact at all. Not all the homes are fully equipped with the radon in them. In 100% of all the homes, few of them are equipped with it. This is mainly because of the least amount of the radon that is present inside the outdoor air. The only thing you should know about is that how much radon is present in your house.

  1. Radon Gas is Heavier Than Air:

Do you know that radon is heavier as compared to air? Yes, it is true! This radon gas is heavier than air, so it would not be settling down in your basement.  This does happen because in the home the air movement as due to the reason for the HVAC form of system in it. It is even because of the leaks in the envelope, that the air gets all around mixed into the house so much easier. We would be having a look at the almost 15% less radon as every single time you will be moving up a floor in a home. This doesn’t make a big difference at all!

  1. Half-Life of Radon is 3.8 Days:

It is such an interesting fact to know that the half-life of the radon is about 3.7 days. Radon gas is not too much far away from your house. The movement of the air all through the means of the ground is much slower in speed. And hence in this way, the half-life of the radon would be about 3.7 days. Most of the radon would be making their way into the home as at the distance of within 20m of the house.

  1. Radon Is Produced from Ground:

As the radon is being produced from the ground, so it would particularly be coming into the unending supply variations. It is to be mentioned that the rate of the depletion of the radioactive source is supervised by the elements that are present in radon. For radon, it is just the Uranium 238 that would be having the half-life of about 4.5 billion years.

Different Other Interesting Facts on Radon Gas:

There are so many other interesting facts that are found in radon gas. You might do not know the fact that this radon gas is becoming one of the main sources of lungs cancer as well. Smokers are much at the high risk because of this gas. It has been estimated around that almost more 21,000 deaths do take place because of the exposure of radon gas in the homes. Almost 8 homes out of 10 of US are affected by the radon levels. You can reduce the amount of radon from your homes through the radon testing method that is easy to perform and cheap in rates.

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